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At Abaisha International Limited, we offer a diverse range of services that are designed to enhance the agricultural value chain, improve food quality, and revolutionize commodity trading. With our expertise, innovation, and commitment to excellence, we strive to provide measurable value for our customers and clients alike. Explore our comprehensive services below:

Commodity Trading

Our expertise in commodity trading spans across Africa, Europe, and Asia. We specialize in the sourcing, aggregation, warehousing, and transportation of various agricultural commodities. Whether it’s rice paddies, sesame seeds, ginger, hibiscus, cashew nuts, maize, sorghum, or other commodities, we ensure efficient distribution and create premium markets for local farmers. With a robust network and strategic partnerships, we facilitate seamless transactions and contribute to the growth of the agricultural industry.

Agro Business Consulting

Our agro-business consulting services cater to individuals, organizations, and government bodies seeking valuable insights and strategic planning. Our team of experts possesses deep knowledge of the agricultural sector and provides tailored solutions to optimize operations, increase productivity, and maximize profitability. Through comprehensive analysis, market research, and feasibility studies, we assist our clients in making informed decisions and unlocking the full potential of their agricultural ventures.

Outgrower Farming Program

At Abaisha, we are committed to empowering local farmers and supporting rural communities. Our Outgrower Farming Program is designed to collaborate with small-scale farmers, providing them with training, resources, and access to markets. Through this initiative, we aim to enhance agricultural productivity, improve livelihoods, and contribute to the socio-economic development of rural areas. By promoting sustainable farming practices and facilitating market linkages, we create a win-win situation for farmers and the agricultural value chain.

Warehousing & Distribution

Efficient storage and distribution are crucial aspects of the agricultural industry. At Abaisha, we have established robust warehousing and distribution capabilities to ensure the timely and safe delivery of agricultural commodities. Our well-equipped warehouses adhere to industry standards, maintaining the quality and freshness of the products. With a comprehensive logistics network, we optimize transportation, streamline supply chains, and meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Smart Farming & Crop Cultivation

Harnessing the power of technology and data-driven approaches, we implement smart farming techniques and precision agriculture to optimize crop cultivation. Our team utilizes advanced tools and methodologies to monitor soil conditions, optimize irrigation management, and enhance crop health. Through precise analysis and real-time monitoring, we improve productivity, reduce resource wastage, and promote sustainable farming practices. By embracing innovation and automation, we empower farmers to achieve higher yields and maximize profitability.

Our Clients

At Abaisha International Limited, we take pride in our strong and growing clientele base. Our commitment to excellence, quality, and customer satisfaction has earned us the trust and partnership of renowned companies and organizations. We value each client and strive to deliver exceptional services that meet their unique needs. Here are some of our esteemed clients:

WACOT is a leading agribusiness company in Nigeria, and we are privileged to serve as their trusted supplier. Our partnership enables us to support WACOT’s commitment to agricultural development and food security in Nigeria through the provision of high-quality farm produce and agro-commodities.

Flour Mills is a renowned Nigerian company that specializes in food processing and agro-allied businesses. We are honored to be their chosen partner for the supply of top-notch agricultural commodities. Our collaboration contributes to their mission of providing nutritious and affordable food products to consumers.

Thrive Agric is a prominent agricultural technology company that connects farmers with investors. We are delighted to work with Thrive Agric, providing them with premium agricultural commodities to support their innovative business model and contribute to sustainable farming practices.

AFEX Commodities is a leading commodity exchange company in Nigeria. As their trusted partner, we provide them with high-quality agricultural commodities to facilitate efficient trading and enhance the value chain. Our collaboration strengthens their position in the market and contributes to the growth of the agricultural sector.

Olam is a global leader in the agri-business industry, and we are proud to have them as one of our valued clients. Through our partnership, we provide them with premium quality agricultural commodities and contribute to their mission of delivering sustainable and responsible sourcing solutions.

Sunseed is a renowned agribusiness company that focuses on the production of vegetable oils and related products. We are proud to serve as their reliable supplier of agricultural commodities, supporting their commitment to sustainable sourcing and responsible production practices.

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